February 2020: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2020:

 January: 1,287 yds
February: 628 yds
2020 Totals: 1,915 yds or 1.09 miles



February got off to a great start by finishing my Zel Pullover and starting on another super bulky knit that should have been quick, but my knitting enthusiasm sort of petered out after the 20th. We’re currently in South Korea and with the COVID19 precautions, let’s just say that I’m seeing a lot more of my kids than I would prefer right now and it’s making me retreat even harder into reading than I was before. I’m still knitting, just not daily at the moment.

But still.

My only knitting goal for 2020 is to knit something every month, so I think we can safely call that one accomplished. Here’s to a March full of wooly crafts while spring rears its head!

What about you? Did you do much making in this all over the place month of February?

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