Stash Track 2020: Q1

2020 Stash Tracking

Fiber in: 0.0 oz
Fiber out: 0.0 oz
Ratio out/in: 0
Total fiber stash change: 0

Yarn in: 10,216 yds
Yarn out: 1,725 yds
Ratio out/in: 0.17
Total yarn stash change: +8,491 yds




2020 Totals:

Yarn in:
Yarn out:
Ratio out/in:
Total yarn stash change:


Thanks to a certain Yarnathon and my desire to try and finish this year…a lot of yarn came into the house this quarter. I’ve decided to not feel guilty about it, even though I know I will amass more than I can knit out for the time being. I still have a little over a year in-country and plenty of opportunity to keep working through it. As long as it gets used, I’m happy. And having new yarn to play with has been novel and nice. So. Not a great start to 2020’s stash taming efforts, but I’m not going to let it get me down. Now. To pick the next delicious project I will cast on.

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