012: Caring for Others

Hello, kittens! It’s August and I have some things to share with you today. The first half of this recording has my knitting projects and spins from Tour de Fleece, but the second is a more heavy chat section, covering the Ravelry Problem and veering into a few other topics including COVID-19. Thank you for joining me today!

Show Notes and other content can be found at KnitCute.com.
If you would like to privately contact me, the podcast now has an email address, Knit.Cute.Podcast@gmail.com.

**Until Ravelry fixes their issues, no Ravelry pattern pages will be linked. If I can not find a non-Ravelry link, I will leave the name of the pattern here to aid you in your online search.**

“…a hint of summer” by Isabell Kraemer
Herrara” by Paula Pereira, found in the summer 2018 issue, number 25.


Apparently I butchered every designers’ name that I mentioned today. Hoo boy. My apologies for that big mishap.
Louise Tilbrook
Rachy Newin
Abby Franquemont
KatieBea – if you have the extra $, gift this women a Ko-Fi

Eat.Sleep.Knit for Shibui Reed.

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