October 2020: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2020:

 January: 1,287 yds
February: 628 yds
March: 231 yds
April: 923 yds
May: 677 yds
June: 1,756 yds
July: 487 yds
August: 216 yds
September: 105 yds
October: 998 yds
2020 Totals: 7,308 yds or 4.15 miles



Okay. You know what, kittens? October turned into a decent knitting month after all of September’s snafus smoothed out. I have a pretty blanket of a cardigan to show for it, and a second attempt at the Shibui Reed started that should work out better than last time. Surely. Here’s to hoping I keep moving forward in November; I really need the momentum to work through all of the yarn coming in.

My only knitting goal for 2020 is to knit something every month: yes, absolutely met that goal this month, even with taking a lot of days off or barely working on some of them.

What about you, kitten? Did you do much making this October? Is it getting lovely and cool where you are? Is your foliage putting on a show for you? Were your projects respectful and well-behaved? Have you maybe tried out a new craft or indulged in a new hobby? I hope you all are well and keeping yourselves safe by wearing your masks, taking extra care when washing your hands, and keeping them off your face.

Take care of yourselves and each other.


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