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Stash Track 2020: Q4 + Wrap Up

2020 Stash Tracking

Fiber in: 0.0 oz
Fiber out: 0.0 oz
Ratio out/in: 0
Total fiber stash change: 0

Yarn in: 10,216 yds
Yarn out: 1,725 yds
Ratio out/in: 0.17
Total yarn stash change: +8,491 yds

Fiber in: 0.0 oz
Fiber out: 0.0 oz
Ratio out/in: 0
Total fiber stash change: 0

Yarn in: 6,562 yds
Yarn out: 3,356 yds
Ratio out/in: 0.51
Total yarn stash change: +3,206 yds

Fiber in: 0.0 oz
Fiber out: 8.3 oz
Ratio out/in: Impossible/0
Total fiber stash change: -8.3oz

Yarn in: 9,415 yds
Yarn out: 0 yds
Ratio out/in: Impossible/100%
Total yarn stash change: +9,415 yds

Fiber in: 20.0 oz
Fiber out: 16.6 oz
Ratio out/in:. 83 
Total fiber stash change: + 3.4oz

Yarn in: 32,035 yds
Yarn out: 2,575 yds
Ratio out/in: .08
Total yarn stash change: +29,420 yds

2020 Totals:
Fiber in: 20.0 oz
Fiber out: 24.9 oz
Ratio out/in: 1.25
Total fiber stash change: – 4.9oz

Yarn in: 58,228
Yarn out: 7,656
Ratio out/in: .13
Total yarn stash change: +50,572 yds


Thanks to a certain Yarnathon and successfully finishing it this year…so much yarn came into the house this quarter. The whole year, really. I needed to be able to control something, and this was the easiest candidate. So. Whatever. My yarn stash exploded is barely contained in the cabinet I purchased to hold it. It’s lovely to look at, and I have so many choices to keep me crafting through the winter and beyond.

I had a modest fiber stash reduction in 2020 thanks to an SQ purchase that I’m excited to spin up in 2021, so that stash’s total weight is now 408.5 oz, or 25.5 pounds. It’s slowly shrinking down from a preschooler to a toddler. With a little focus next year, I should run out of the fiber I brought with me to keep me company.

I’m looking forward to a clean slate in 2021 and refocusing on enjoying what I have in my life. What about you, kitten? Do you have any plans for all of your lovely crafting supplies? Or have you, like me, taken to the collecting/amassing side of things lately?

Take care and stay healthy, kittens.


December 2020: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2020:

 January: 1,287 yds
February: 628 yds
March: 231 yds
April: 923 yds
May: 677 yds
June: 1,756 yds
July: 487 yds
August: 216 yds
September: 105 yds
October: 998 yds
November: 1,163 yds
December: 602 yds
2020 Totals: 9,073 yds or 5.16 miles

It’s a wrap, kittens: December 2020 has come and gone, and considering what a rough year it was and my anxiety’s attempts to shut me down completely, I’m pretty proud of how much I knit. December started off strong with my 2020 Advent socks, but petered out pretty quickly after; I did manage to knit a few dishcloths and an ornament. And I did move forward a bit with my second Enchanted sweater, knitting an equal amount as the month before.

My only knitting goal for 2020 is to knit something every month: 12 for 12. Successful year.

What about you, kitten? Are you happy with your crafting in 2020? Are you making any goals for 2021?

Take care of yourselves and each other.