January 2021: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2021:

 January: 751 yds
February: yds
March:  yds
April:  yds
May:  yds
June:  yds
July:  yds
August:  yds
September:  yds
October:  yds
November:  yds
December:  yds
2021 Totals: 751 yds or 0.43 miles

2021 is another year where I’m keeping my expectations and goals pretty chill and lax. So like 2020, my only aim is to knit at least a little something every month, since my crafting mojo has been so fickle the last 2 years. I have a feeling that solid, hard goals are going to be pretty pointless until at least mid-decade. So. Simple to achieve and open-ended it is.

I continued to work on the second Enchanted cardigan—which I started back in November 2020, oof—and finally finished that up on the final day of this month. I have no plans to keep this one and look forward to the finishing work so I can ship it off to it’s intended recipient.

My only knitting goal for 2021 is to knit something every month: Check. Off to a good start.

What about you, kitten? Are you making anything right now? Did you make any crafting or other goals in 2021? Are you staying hydrated?

Take care of yourselves and each other.


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