February 2021: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2021:

 January: 751 yds
February: 1,384 yds
March:  yds
April:  yds
May:  yds
June:  yds
July:  yds
August:  yds
September:  yds
October:  yds
November:  yds
December:  yds
2021 Totals: 2,135 yds or 1.21 miles

Hoo. Up in the northern hemisphere here, we have been having Some Weather, haven’t we? It was bitterly cold quite often this month, helping fuel my desire to get some woolens knit up just in time for it to get warmer again. February was all about handspun. I knit one full lightweight handspun sweater from my most recent completed spin, and I even started a second heavier weight handspun sweater from some vintage TdF 2017 stash that is looking like it will be easily finished in March. All and all, I can’t feel bad about any of that. Using up stash and having wearable items to show for it always boosts my mood. And there’s just something about handspun that feels extra magical, since I never know exactly how it’s going to knit up, and it feels great knowing I made the yarn and the sweater.

My only knitting goal for 2021 is to knit something every month: Check! I had a very productive month, knitting-wise.

What about you, kitten? Are you making anything right now? Did you manage to stay warm this month? If you were in the plains and Texas, are you safe and doing well? Are you all staying hydrated?

Take care of yourselves and each other.


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