August 2022: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2022:

 January: 2,128
February: 742
March: 1,578
April: 25
May: 0
June: –
July: 821
August: 1,410
2022 Totals: 6,704 yds or 3.81 miles

Well, kittens. Here it is: September. The theoretical start of the fall here in the US.

I managed to spend some time crafting this month, working on garter strips with older handspun yarns to make a stripey blanket down the road. It’s been remarkably engaging and soothing. I’ve really enjoyed using up so many single bump skeins of yarn and partials from older projects.

This year, I’ve decided to stick with the same knitting goal I’ve had since this decade started: knit something every month. That’s it. Yup, sure did.

What about you, kitten?  Hot? Ready for autumn and cooler weather—or spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere? Did you work on anything you’re excited about? Maybe you read something you’d like to recommend?

Take care of yourselves and each other.


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