Hi! I’m Amanda. I’m just another 30-something who has been bit by the crafting bug and wants to share my experiences with you. I knit. I spin yarn. I stitch. I sew and quilt. I hand-dye yarn and run a small business.  I podcast. I collect mugs and have a stationary obsession. I’m nerdy and geeky. I fancy myself an artist. I enjoy playing video games. I’m introverted and a little awkward to boot. I’m horrible at small talk, but I love to know more about others. I have pink hair (don’t care, ha!) and an affinity for large and crazy glasses. Grumpy Cat is my Patronus. I’m a non-sappy mother and an Army spouse. I am a lot of things: maybe one of them resonates with you?

Please come join me as I blog and podcast.

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