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Small picture update

Thought I’d post up some pictures of my last pair of Monkey socks and my Green Gable–slowly but surely chugging along on that one. I’m finally past getting the sleeves onto waste yarn after more then a week. I’m not used to going so slow when I knit.

First the Monkey socks. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I like the Bayfield Apple colorway. There was color pooling on the Gusset, but everywhere else, it did some beautiful striping.

And my “Green” Gable in Cotton Fleece; the color is Rue and very pretty dark French blue. I’ve been happy so far and as usual, am having to knit a weird custom inbetween size, but it’s coming out nicely.

Minor catch up

I’m not dead, just learning to cope with having two small children home with me all day. It’s cutting into both my sanity and my knitting time–my means for keeping my sanity with my hyper toddler o’ doom in the first place. The newborn phase is almost done and I’m hoping that in the coming weeks we’ll have a more solid schedule and everyone will calm down and return to something closer to what normal was.

Anywho, this is a knitting blog, so back to what little knitting I’ve been getting done these past six weeks.
The “Lady” sweater is finished: just needs to be blocked, ends woven in, and buttons sewed on. I’m not as happy with it as I imagined I’d be, but some of that may be from my irritation at the lace pattern and all those missing stitches. I think once it’s fully finished, I’ll be happier with it. Right now, I’d prefer not to look at it and leave it where it is for the time being.
Once the “Lady” sweater was complete, I broke out my new toy: a ball winder I was able to buy thanks to a 50% off coupon from JoAnn Fabrics. So far, it’s been fun to play with.

That is my Yarn Love in Bayfield Apple I had been wondering what to do with. It became a pair of Monkey socks that took me over two weeks to knit, which was strange as I’m used to working so fast. (No pictures of the socks for now, I need to get pictures taken of the FO and do an FO post eventually here.) The socks took just under half the skein and I’m unsure of what to do with the rest. I guess I’ll eventually make more socks, or I’ll be on the look for anyone from Ravelry who may have an equivalent amount in another colorway. Honestly, I’m not sure where the figure that an average pair of socks takes 400yds of yarn comes from anyway: I think at most, my socks take 230-240yds, and my feet aren’t even that small, they’re average size.

Now, I’m working on my Green Gable after having the yarn for it sitting in my tote for about a year. I mucked up the lace a bit–what is it with me and these easy patterns lately?!–but it’s not noticable and I’m not ripping back for that. If all goes well, I’ll have pictures and another project in the near future.


Turns out, I only needed to do one more lace repeat and with the garter edge, it will hit where I like my sweaters to hit: just about the hip bone. One of the nice things about being short is how much less yarn it takes to make a sweater. The end is in sight.

Moving slowly but surely…

The “lady” sweater is still moving along, though not very quickly. I need to put it on waste yarn to take a new picture and see how much more length I want in the body. I have 6″-7″ under the arm (based on eyeballing the measurement) and I shouldn’t need too much more. Maybe 4 repeats and then the garter stitch edging. A good length for me in the body of a sweater is between 10″ and 11″ so this sweater should be done if I can keep myself working on it. I did have a good run on the gull lace repeats where for four I had no issues with lost stitches, only to have the next repeat give me trouble again. That one is the only one I know what happened though, as I missed a single YO and deemed it not important enough to rip back–let’s face it, Malabrigo doesn’t like to be ripped back and I don’t like trying to convince it otherwise. I keep looking back through the sweater and still can’t figure out what happened all the other times as nothing appears to be amiss with the pattern. It’s been vexing, but nothing seems to be hurt so I’ll eventually let it go and get over it.

I’ve finally gotten around to learning a bit more about how to update the look of this blog and have added lists into my sidebars. I need to continue to add projects to my queue as I have tons of yarn and an idea of what I’m going to use it for–I have quite a few varigated sock yarns that I think will become multiple pairs of Jaywalker socks so that they stripe. I’m hoping it will help keep me focused and moving on projects even after the baby is here and the want to refill my tote starts to hit again. Have to clear it in order to make room.

I’m hoping 2009 will be the year to add a few “non-selfish” projects to my list again. This year, I’ve focused on me and quite frankly, enjoyed it. I can understand wanting to make presents for others, but I have a hard time understanding the mentality of feeling guilty for wanting to use one’s time and yarn on herself. (Why yes, I *am* a member of the Selfish Knitters group on Ravelry.) I have lots of little bits of sock yarns left over that would make wonderful toddler socks and I’d like to make both of my children cute sweaters for this coming year.

I’d also like to make DH a new sweater, but am having an issue with it–well, him, about it. If he had his way, he’d get nothing but plain, dark colored crewneck sweaters with no details or very minimal ones on them. The Manly Maze I originally made for him had to be altered to remove more of the maze pattern from the cuffs in order to suit his taste and since then, I haven’t been able to bring myself to make him another sweater. Anytime I find a sweater that I think would be fantastic on him, even a simple one, he doesn’t like ANY of the details which would make it interesting for me to knit and inspire me to do so. He’s asked a few times why I haven’t made him another sweater and so far, he’s received a rather terse, “You can have one when you decide to wear some color or something interesting,” in reply.

Honestly, is this sweater really that bad? I thought for sure he’d go for it since it’s basically a ribbed sweater with one very minimal cable on it to add interest. I even tried to tell him that in a darker color and with the buttons matching the yarn that it would be even less ornate, but really, is that sweater ornate to begin with?! He won’t go for it and says he’d refuse to wear it. I’ve been talking to him about it for months now while I wait for ShiBui to put out the pattern. I think it’s so perfect for him that I can’t get it out of my mind and just let it go. I’d kill to be taller and have a leaner frame and longer neck so I could wear a sweater like that. I think he’d be very handsome in it and I’m sure his mother would agree since she reads this blog.

I’d love to make him the above mentioned sweater, and may still do it anyway and make him just try it on. (he can be so stubborn only to find out, hey, he actually likes it…like collared polo shirts…I don’t know how many times I had to ask him to “just try it on” before he finally caved and then decided he liked them so much, he bought a couple. Same with less baggy dark denim jeans. PICKY PICKY PICKY.) However, the new Fall Knitty has a promising men’s pattern in it and I may see if I can’t ease him into the world of allegedly fancy sweaters with Retrofit. I can already foresee his asking that it not be two different colors, but I may try to make him do just that, even if it’s only a subtle difference between the two.

So if anyone has ever wondered why most of the projects I work on are for me, you now know why. I’m hoping my children will be much more gracious recipients of sweaters. Lovely, “FANCY” sweaters.


This sweater has been anything but a Lady and I’m growing frustrated for the first time in my short knitting career. Lace socks? No problem. Lace scarf? No problem. Stupidly simple worsted weight lace sweater? Problems up the wazoo.

Stitches keep disappearing–always in the same part of the sweater. Can not find them ANYWHERE. They’re not dropped. No accidental p2 togethers. They keep disappearing like Jimmy Hoffa. Maybe they’re keeping him company. Yo, Jimmy, I want my stitches back.

I am knitting so slowly right now, so deliberately, that this project will take forever compared to ones I’ve done much more quickly. There are not enough words to express just how vexed I am. I really wanted to get this done before my daughter is born, but at this pace? I might be done with the body by then, but definitely not the whole thing.
I am having a rare day where I wish I were a drinker.

2 in 2 days

I think that’s a record for me on this blog. I do have ambitions to eventually blog on it weekly if not every couple of days…someday when I start doing my own dying and making my own patterns. Someday when I’ll likely move to a different blogging service like wordpress and have my own domain name. So not today and likely not in the next year. But SOMEDAY.

Pattern: Sausage Dogs
Needles: US size 5
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight

Another finished object under my belt. Despite making this roughly four times the size the pattern calls for, it was still a two day knit including felting and sewing it together. Unlike the bunny, this one has been much better received and is getting plenty of love. I didn’t do too badly trying to upsize it, could have made the legs a bit wider and longer; I think I did well on the ears and tail though. It’s tricky to upsize a pattern like this because not all pieces could be done to the same proportion as the body or else they’d be the wrong size for each other. Strange, but that’s how it worked. I have enough of the medium brown yarn left that I plan to pair it with some pink I have and eventually make a similar puppy for our little girl.

Being that I can not stand to be idle, I already have another project on needles. This time, it’s my February Lady sweater which I’m using my stashed malabrigo for. Very yummy to work with and it’s a lovely color to boot. Already had to frog it once, but that’s alright: it happens. I usually knit a bit on the big side, this time, I’m knitting small and so much so that it would make a big difference on the finished size. So I’ve cast on a size larger needles and going to get a little further and check my gauge again before getting too far. Every project, I tend to learn a new little trick or something finally clicks. With this project, successfully doing M1 increases has finally clicked. I shall never avoid them again. (Now in my defense, most instructions I’ve seen for doing them in the past say to knit into the bar between stitches. They never were clear enough to say, pick up the bar from the back or front with the left needle and then knit into it or the back, respectively. Suddenly, there are no more holes. Go figure.)

Time for more finished work

Because all the other bloggers seem to do it this way, I’m trying a slightly different format for recording my own.

Pattern: Monkey
Needles: US size 2

Overall, the pattern was well-written and enjoyable. I can see why Cookie A is so popular with sock knitters. Definitely makes it easy to justify buying a pattern or two of hers in the future. Part of me balks at the idea of paying $6 for a sock pattern, but well-written ones I think I can make an exception for. It had so many elements that I’m used to seeing in other sock patterns, but a better way to do them. The last couple of patterns I’ve done have been that way–so much better then the ones SWTC puts with their TOFUtsies limited edition yarns. I’m wondering if I didn’t do myself a disservice starting off with their patterns instead of ones like Monkey.

Yarn was also fantastic to work with. This and Lorna’s will definitely be go-to sock yarns in the future. It’s nice and sproingy. Has lovely stitch definition and subtlely stripes. I did not have any pooling anywhere on the sock this time. Was easy on the hands and felt nice to work with. Overall, lovely.

I forced myself to go slow with these and dragged them out an extra 3 days. On the one hand, it’s wonderful to be able to knit so fast: I get a lot of projects done and accomplished. On the other, I go so fast that I run out of project yarn quickly and that enables me to overbuy more yarn. While waiting for this baby and being able to knit all the projects in my tote, I’ve had to buy lots of yarn to keep me occupied. The more I knit, the more I want to. Have to say, it is one of the better things I’ve been addicted to doing!

Now I’m working on the larger Sausage dog for my son and wondering where I’ll go from there. I still have a lot of time to kill before I can think of starting those pullovers.