Before my brain turns to goo…

I thought I’d post a picture of the progress I’m making on the Little Sister dress. It is taking longer then I thought it would…who knew a baby dress in fingering weight would be so time consuming? Or how hard it is to take a decent up close picture of an object made of bright red yarn?

Anywho, I’m over halfway finished with another 3.5-4″ to go and then I can do the fancy bottom I plan to put on it. If all goes well, I’m hoping to call it an FO by Sunday. We shall see I suppose.

Oh, and I just sent in my registration for a dyeing class hosted by Amy of MadelineTosh. It’s the last weekend in April and the Mister suggested we make it an overnight trip. Should be fun and I’m beyond excited about it. I’ve started reading up on how to dye yarn, but to learn from a woman who makes gorgeous colors like this Jade I just received? (This was a quick grab from Sonny & Shear. Always a pleasure to shop there. )
If I can pick up even a smidgen of her talent, I’ll be the happiest knitter ever. Never again will I have to search high and low for the perfect color or angst when I can not get enough to finish a sweater. I’m stoked right now and having fantasies of dyeing prowess.

Change of direction

It’s rare when I’ll stop mid-way through a knit, but I felt the need to make my daughter a cute knit dress for the Holiday season and our cards, so I’m working on the Little Sister dress for her in some yarn I already had stashed. So far, so good, and I’m hoping to pick up the pace and finish it faster so I can get back to my Shetland Shorty. I plan to alter it…I think the idea is cute but that the bottom is rather unattractive, so I think I’ll add a ruffle to the bottom. We’ll see when I get there.

I was tagged.

I usually do not post memes or things like this on my knitting blog, but since I was tagged by SusanB, I’ll do it this one time. 🙂

1. I have slight obsessive compulsive tendencies, including a need to do things in groupings of five and all like objects must be grouped. If my knife handles are not all facing the same way, it bothers me until they’re fixed.
2. My favorite pizza is pepporoni with pineapple.
3. I have an obsession with bunny slippers and am on a quest to find or make the perfect pair.
4. I love to read boring non-fiction books like textbooks. If I’m learning, I’m happy.
5. I will put bacon on anything…ok, almost anything.
6. Most days, I do not change out of lounge/PJ pants; I have a great dislike for jeans and will avoid them until I absolutely have to leave the house.
7. I have aspirations to be a pattern creator, yarn dyer and “great” internet blogger.

I won’t be doing any tagging as the two people I know read this blog, already have done this meme or been tagged.

Thanksgiving Quickie

First of, I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving full of yummy food and lovely time with family!
Second, I’m making good–but slow–progress on my next knit: the Shetland Shorty in Wollmeise. So far, so good.

Yes, it really is THAT bright of a pink, red, and orange. Holy Bright Colors, Batman! So far, I’m really loving it next to green-ish blues and can’t wait to have it off needles to wear. It’s another stupidly simple lace pattern, so let’s hope I do not muck this one up.


Pattern: Baby Bobbi Bear
Needles: Size 7 Clover DPNs
Yarn: I Love This Cotton

That went a bit more quickly then expected and my son seems to be happy with his “peanut bear.”

I find it rather funny that it took me so long to make the knitting pattern that put the want of knit into me in the first place, but I’ve finally done it. I’m rather glad I didn’t do it as a beginner, because I think it would have been a rough early project. I’m happy with the shape of the bear, but I think that the order of the directions stinks and I plan to tinker with it in the future to make the assembly easier. (It’s knit all in one piece minus the arms which you pick up after stuffing…and it’s a pain to knit them at that point.) As can be seen, I altered it from the get-go to be a panda rather then a plain colored bear. I bought some plain black felt for the eye area and used safety eyes rather then embroidering them on.

I’m particularly pleased with how the nose came out; it’s very neat and nice looking for me!
I have found that I’m becoming spoiled by my Knitpicks Harmony needles: the Clover DPNs felt too blunt and clumbsy to me. I should look into getting a set of the Harmony DPNs in the larger sizes.

Alright, a picture

I’m finally starting to get my knitting groove back. The Green Gable is finished after one day shy of three weeks worth of work, I’ve started a Panda bear for my son, and I have yarn caked for my next couple of projects. Win all around.

Pattern:Green Gable
Needles: Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeables, size 6
Yarn: Cotton Fleece, color Rue

I’m still trying to decide how I feel about this one; it’s not horrible, but it’s not my favorite knit so far. I think the choice of neckline isn’t the best for me and I won’t be making a second of these. I’ll have to wait until I’m done nursing to decide about a few of the other issues I noticed, but I think that is the main culprit for them. The top appears to be a bit short, although I checked it I don’t know how many times when finishing it. Between trying it on when I finished it two days ago and today, the top seems to have lost about 1/2″ in length. Mysterious. It also pulls up when I lift my arms. This is why I need to learn to do short rows in the bust area. Lessons learned? Short rows and I will be good friends because I will likely never lose enough bust to fit standard pattern sizing. I have to stop putting off learning how to do them. For some reason, they intimidate me a bit and my eyes glaze over when I read directions on how to do them. Must focus.

As for Cotton Fleece, not my favorite yarn and after I do my two Rusted Root sweaters, I likely won’t use it again. It’s a bit rough and when worn against my skin it makes me itch a little from the slightly rough texture. (A good Soak may work that out though.)

These are my yarn cakes. Soon, they shall be a pair of Jaywalker socks (YarnPirate BFL in Cupcake), and a Shetland Shorty (Wollmeise in “Sleeping Beauty”), respectively. Yarn cakes are so pretty. Now if only my son would stop running off with them and pretending to eat them.

After a few more Me projects, I’ll need to start on the baby gift for my friend. So far, I plan to span at least two different crafts and it very well may be the Gift Package of Doom. What can I say? I get excited when my friends have babies.

"Evil" Plans

I just found out that a good friend of mine is expecting her third baby, and I have already commenced with plotting all the things I will smother them with depending on if it is a boy or a girl. I won’t go into details here, since she might be reading this, but I’m plotting, oh yes, I am plotting.

(I’m also making slow and steady progress on my Green Gable and should have a progress pic soon: I’m finally to the waist on it and very happy so far.)