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Knot A Podcast: Episode 24

Sorry this is a couple days late, kittens.  Recording did not happen until yesterday, and things are still pretty confused here.  I haven’t felt super ambitious to do much the last few days.  Today’s show notes are going to be pretty short for that same reason.

♥ Ravelry Group
♥ Taking a dyeing class on Sunday!  Hopefully I’ll talk about it next week and have some pretties to show off!


♥ Blanket O’ Doom
♥ Waiting Room Socks
♥ Hitchhiker
♥ Pomme de Pin


♥ Show Off Bag- Made By Rae

Spinning A Yarn:

♥ First attempt at spindling was pretty laughable, no? 🙂

Knot A Podcast: Episode 23

Crazy face is back, kittens.

♥ Knot A Podcast Ravelry group.


Pomme de Pin Cardigan
Blanket O’ Doom


Lunch Sack

Stash Enhancement:

Spindle and fiber from Blarney Yarn
Spinning Class on Craftsy

Future Plans:

♥ Watch class and attempt to spin
♥ Sew a new purse.  The old one is in pretty rough shape these days. I was mistaken and thought I had made the old one in 2010, not 2011.